NZ Fashion ICON

Trelise Cooper Trelise & Joanne

Well..... what can I say! Trelise is my idol LOL

Since I started my studies at Waikato Institute of Technology in Hamilton 2010 to 2011 - Diploma of Fashion Design and Practice, I decided I was going to go for it and call the company when our Internship module began in 2012. 
Low and behold there was an opportunity.  "Yes you can start a week before Fashion Week 2011 and we look forward to meeting you!"

This journey ended up not only learning how to sew with her team, tidy up accessories, see her pattern making team, handle a $600 sequence vest, the ins and outs of Trelise Cooper the NZ Fashion Designer but this turned into me participating in two Fashion Week shows, meeting Trelise three times and having a first hand conversation with her over lunch!!!  YAY!!

A picture paints a thousand words!