About Us

True to her origins, a woman’s first Dora Joyce experience is a start of a lifetime love affair with exclusive style and extravagance.

The company Dora Joyce is Joanne grandmother’s name and was a big inspiration to her growing up and introducing her to fashion.

Registered in New Zealand, Dora Joyce is a global online boutique in selling unique ladies fashion and ships to over 50 countries worldwide.  It is owned by Joanne, who along with her two children Levi and Tori, live in the Waikato area, New Zealand.   She leads an incredible team of people who all love and live Fashion.

With every new collection, Dora Joyce strives towards our ultimate goal to having a signature style to suit women that visit our online boutique.  Furthermore, Dora Joyce works with a personal, qualified colour consultant to bring more brightness into the wardrobes of all women globally.

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First Collection:  Joanne grew up with the results of colonisation and this has driven her to express her experiences in her first winter range she calls “Colonisation”.  Her first collection will reflect of some of those memories, thoughts, traumas and feelings which have helped inspire her to create this range.  Every piece in the range has been lovingly crafted using diverse fabrics and finishes to create an emotional yet beautiful result. 

Mission Statement:

To empower women with distinctive, high quality products that meet and exceed the needs of our customers on an emotional level, work in an area for which I have great passion and to supply my clients with a cultural experience and an exclusive piece.