Taonga (treasured gift)

I grew up with the results of colonisation and this has driven me to express my experiences in my first winter range I call “Colonisation”.

My “Colonisation” garments are reflections of some of those memories, thoughts, traumas and feelings which have helped inspire me to create this range. 

These Taonga help heal some of these past energies and I have chosen tools to help change this energy of “Colonisation”

Binding a taonga within each unique garment I believe helps shift energies, each taonga is blessed then handcrafted into the garment and is purposely placed near certain chakras that need this change in vibrational energy.

Tori Shirt  Black Obsidian  Black Wrap Pant Taonga

Black Obsidian  Rose Quartz  Akaroa Coat - Rose Quartz  Flare Pant Taonga

I have designed an envelope pocket to hold your taonga for keep sake, which can be handed down to your mokopuna (grandchildren) or whānau (family).

 Taonga Pocket